dpEmotes 1.7 (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles, Keybinding, Dances, Expressions and Shared Emotes

This definitely helped! Thanks a lot!

its a part of “RPEmotes” From the guy you responded to.

did u ever figure out how to unbind the emotes unbind keyboard numpad4 or unbind keyboard num4 does not work

anyone can help with my issues?

whats the name of this emote (i have tried “Lowrider” but it isn’t working)

your a legend!

which walking style is fastest?

how can you remove emote bindings

Easiest way is to clear the cache, Thats how it worked last time i used it

How do i add custom emotes im trying to get custom pose emotes and just cool emotes for photos and i really dont know how to get them working

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RP Emotes (most up-to-date fork of this) has a way of adding them:

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thank u bro

Does anyone know how to disable the controller from being able to open up the menu as B on the controller conflicts with luxarts script

Does the script have any exports to use ?

how i make that background black like that?

Every time I add this script to my server it won’t start. It stays at Authenticating server license key… After a few tries it gives me an option to update my key and if I removed the script the server starts normal but if I add it again the same problem appears.

I recommend you check out rpemotes-reborn; it’s based on dpemotes and adds more emotes, fixes, etc.

Advertising separate resources on other people’s posts? @TheIndra are you going to moderate your friend here?

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Can you stop tagging me all across the forums? Please keep discussions to one thread.

Please use the flag option for this with ‘Something else’. Replying to the topic is not the right way to bring these concerns up.

The topic author can flag it if they have issues with discussing forks on their topic, however since other forks have been shared before, the author doesn’t seem to have an issue with it.