dpEmotes 1.7 (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles, Keybinding, Dances, Expressions and Shared Emotes

I was thinking, have you ever thought of doing like a shared emote of a patdown/frisk. The receiving player could just do something as simple as one of the t-poses.

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I haven’t touched shared emotes as I haven’t figured out how it all works, it’s a little confusing for me and I don’t really have anyone to test it out with (nor can I be bothered having two instances of FiveM open).

Besides, everyone wants me to do shared sexual emotes and I ain’t touching that.

is there a way to synchronize emotes like the Spray Champagne for example? When I press ‘G to spray’ it doesn’t sync with other people.

And TayMcKenzieNZ, thanks in advance. I really appreciate your work to keep this resource updated.

No problem! I’m really not sure how you’d pull that off to be honest, I’ve been wondering that myself

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It appears that, to show particle effects to all players (spray champagne etc), we need to create events and then trigger those events :thinking:

I don’t understand it but if anyone wants to take a look;


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@TayMcKenzieNZ Any chance you’re able to isolate and just make it so emotes which are for newer DLC versions only work if the game build is on those newer versions so everyone can enjoy the fixes and rest of the stuff of your resource?
You’re able to check which version a client is on with GetGameBuildNumber - Natives @ Cfx.re Docs

That is a good suggestion, and I’m all for it, however what I should have actually done is isolate them in the first place, they’re all over the place now and I don’t know what’s what.

hey, do you have the new anim from cayo perico dlc?

How do I disable menu keybind on controller? Any time I’m in a cop car or vehicles and I press B on my xbox controller it it stops the car from accelerating or moving the car when i hold B or press it

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Change the keybind to F5, then you wont have issues on controller. @xCMENDEZx

MenuKeybind = 166

Awhile back, someone wanted to add the lowrider arm resting on the car door animation. I’ve found two of them, but they looks odd if the player isn’t in a vehicle, and if the player decides to pull a gun out at someone, it bugs lol

I’m not gonna add it but for anyone interested;

   ["sitlow"] = {"[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@base", "sit_low_lowdoor", "Sit Lowrider", AnimationOptions =
      EmoteLoop = true,

Without Lowrider Anim:

With Lowrider Anim:

Weird Gun Bug (Likely due to the fact dpemotes works with upper body):

I don’t, no. I don’t add every single one as I don’t know what they’re called, and there’s at least 300,000 animations and counting. If you can give me an example, I can look into it and add it of course, but it needs to be a clear example and not a crappy phone quality or cropped image.

There’s a few tuners dlc animations that are kinda cool but again, I haven’t really gone through them all and don’t have the patience to.