Downloading Fivem

when i download fivem and i got to put it into the gta5 file it says. the seleted path dose not content gta5.exe file

FiveM should not be installed into your GTA directory. Install it somewhere else, like in a blank folder on your desktop for instance.

During installation it will ask you to select the folder containing GTA5.exe, it should automatically be selected by default, you just have to press OK.

yer i have it in a blank folder and then it takes me to where i should put it and it still say the seleted path dose not content gta5.exe file

i am a noob at this stuff ahah it maybe something simple but yer i need help ahaha

It does not ask you where to ‘put it’.

It requires you to select the folder where your GTAV.exe and PlayGTAV.exe or GTAVLauncher.exe is located.

Please select your main Grand Theft Auto V folder.

i will take a short video of it
so you can see what is wrong here is a gyazo to show what is happening

i dont no what is wrong with it i have even download gta again so just to make sure that i didnt delete anything so yer i dont think i can down load it

ok so i have sorted it out i had to download the game again and it seems to have fixed it woow that was so frustrating thanks technetium and platinum for the help