🔥 Dope Wars Roleplay | NEW CITY! | Looking for Department Heads | NPC Hostages | Player Owned Businesses | Whitelist Gangs | Custom Drugs | Custom Housing | 1,000+ Vehicles and EUP | discord.gg/DopeWarsRP

Looking for biker gangs, street gangs, organizations, mafias, cartels, and any other type of criminal group or even legitimate group you can think of! Over 100 custom motorcycles available for purchase at Sander’s Motorcycles. Over 1,100 vehicles between all of the dealers combined!

Gangs must be 5+ people and happy to accommodate for any custom clothes/MLOs you might have/need.

Drug turfs are available in the city! Exclusive to gangs, control certain areas and corner markets to promote trading/dealing with other gangs to obtain other wholesale supplies of dope and drugs!

We need police! Join up today! Currently 4 in the department but we need more! Need active police! You can make department head in 1 week of play! Get in on the ground floor on a growing server.

Clothing changes were made recently! Also additional hair styles and more to choose from! Come check out the full extent of character and vehicle customization available on Dope Wars Roleplay!

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Looking for ACTIVE players to join the city! Fly in today and check out all we have to offer, both legitimate and illegitimate!

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Looking for street savvy civilians! Over $600 worth of premium content being dropped this weekend alone! Bar none one of the most expensive premium content servers available that GIVES YOU THE CONTENT FREE! No pay to win, no donations.

Huge clothing update and vehicles update today! Weapons update tomorrow to add a new arsenal to the police departments guns vs criminals! Fly into the city and see what all the hype is about!

New emotes and props update available! Blurry mask available also!

Gang applications are open as well as Motorcycle Club applications!

Looking for deciated players for gangs, criminals, and civilians! EMS and other departments are also hiring!



$100,000 starting cash to all new players. $200,000 if you were referred! Ride clean off rip and show us how you stunt!

Looking for dedicated members to play daily with our core group! Looking for gangs, drug lords, civilians, law enforcement, civilian business owners and more! Come give us a chance and check out all of the premium content in the city!

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We back at it like a crack addict! Come get with us and check in! Run it up!

The Diamond Casino has finished its remodeling process! Casino is now back open, with extra hidden goodies and a lot more!

Claim your free $10,000 in chips at the cash cage. Take advantage of a free daily spin every 24 hours to win tons of prizes, including the vehicle in the photo!

We still out here everyday! Come fly in!