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We are currently looking for heads of all departments as well as development team! It’s preferred you play first to move up in rank so you fully understand how the server works and what scripts do what. Unless you have absolutely stellar credentials then that would help out!

Frequent content updates! Minimum weekly updates, usually daily updates! Tons of new vehicles, scripts, MLOs, items, weapons, and more are included in these content updates! This week’s update will feature a new HUD for the players of the city! (HUD not pictured. You have to join us to see the new hud, or check out more screenshots from in the city here.) Come check us out, today!

Come check out one of our many custom car dealerships! Custom motorcycles, Donks, Trucks, Cars, Trailers, Drag Cars, Animated Lights, we have em all! Tons of paid and free vehicles, and more added weekly! Make sure to check out ALL of our dealerships, from Tesla dealerships to Outlaw Motors!

Do you have prior service? Would you like to come on board with a new city and help shape the departments policies and mission? Join us today! New city with ample opportunities for mature, professional, and trained officers who would like career longevity with a solid infrastructure. Dispatch, CAD, and more tools at your disposal for an engaging and immersive law enforcement experience!

Do you have a knack for stopping crime? Is your sole purpose in life keeping the streets of Los Santos safe from crime? Then stop in for an in person interview at Mission Row LSPD!

Looking for gangs, clubs, organizations, mafias, cartels, and any other form of crime syndicate you can think of! New city looking for core players to build the foundation of ensured future growth. Huge marketing campaigns are coming withing the next few weeks, so get in on the ground level and establish yourself and your group in the underbelly of Los Santos.

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From the block to the top and we aint ever goin’ back. Come pave your lane in the city with us tonight! New city looking for crews, gangs, police, ems, and almost every other position you can think of! Great support team and established mechanics.

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Some new street racers have made their way into the city! Find speed shops ran by players, compete in underground racing circuits, and contend with the best racers in the city to become #1! Leaderboards, Rankings, Win/Loss etc are all counted! Races are held EVERY IN GAME DAY so you have a chance to climb the ranks multiple times a day!

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Looking for friendly players who like to help new comers to the city and can help become part of the city’s “Moderation” team. Looking for community moderators and In-Game moderators. Players interested in these positions should play the server for approx 5-7 days prior to applying so you can learn the mechanics of the city.

We are looking for street gangs and department heads for all positions! EMS, Fire, Police, and more! Apply in person at the local relevant departments, or open a ticket with the government to have your gang white listed to take over territories and run extortion rings on the local businesses!

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We need public safety officials! Police, Fire, and EMS! Looking for Department heads for all positions! Plenty of criminal activity to police on a daily basis. Apply in person in city at your local public safety office!

The Los Santos Police Department is a fine department with high performance and reliability. Our goal is to establish the enforcement of laws and protection of the state of Los Santos. The back bone of the community with its up to date vehicles and well established arsenal. We shoot for respect and de-escalation. We want our community to feel welcomed by our officers and happy with our progress.

Underground speed shops are available to do your own engine swaps, vehicle customizations, and more! You must hold an underground racing circuit ranking of over 2100+ to be able to own these facilities!

Beta Testing is now open for the additional LEO services in the city! BCSO, SAHP, and more! Make sure to get in on the ground level today! As you can see, those on the test server loved the new LEO experiences.

Make sure to get into our departments that are hiring before all slots fill up! Application is an in-game process. No gang members allowed as PD. Only pure PD or civilians allowed. Sign onto the server, learn how our server works, and then apply in game with any of the police to become a police officer. Extremely easy to become a LEO. Abusers will have the role removed as quickly as it came.

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