Dope_island_hopper - Hop between Los Santos and Cayo Perico island

when i interact with this, my screen just goes black and doesnt do anything?

That’s weird. What are your PC specs? Might be that on slow PCs and/or INSANELY slow servers that it somehow messes with the loading of the island

Not sure why, but when press E the screen goes black and I have a loading Circle at the bottom right of the screen and it just stays there. I have let it sit for 5 Minutes and nothing happens. People say that I do teleport to the island, but it will not let me out of that screen. No errors in console. Running build version 3539. Doesn’t matter which location I use, they all get stuck loading and never get out of it.


I believe this may be what the Poster above is referring to.

Also, Not a Slow PC or Server Connection:

3700X | EVGA RTX 2070 Super FTW3 Ultra+ | TeamGroup 4133MHz 32Gb
OVH with 1.5Gb Up and Down Speeds with 56ms Ping

Greetings congratulations nice work, did not think to play some music while taking the plane?

Any way I can add controller support to toggle the trigger event instead of having to press “E”? it already prompts the players to press DPAD Right but nothing happens when we do.

Hey man!
Could I pick your brain for a second?

We use fivem-map-skater as our default map to replace. (We are a Liberty City server, and we replace that specific level, instead of gta5. Replacing gta5 would give us casino LODs and all kinds of errors all over the place).

Anyways, I’m wondering, the native that you invoke, for the heist island. Is this hard locked to replacing the gta5 level?

Basically I’m trying to find a way to get this to work with my liberty city - it shows where the map should be, it’s cut out in the water, but nothing is loading up.

Do you have any kind of clues, hints, or insight that could help me in my research?

Thanks man!

Sure you can, it’s all open source.

Probably yes. This is a GTA native and cannot be changed.

I know hardly anything about levels/mapping. I made this resource quickly as I found and also was given these natives when the DLC came out. I want to people to quickly gain access to the island and start creating.

Would It be possible to make it so you can fly there too with your own plane? I wouldn’t need any fancy cutscenes when you get near the island, i would just like it so when you get near it, it pops up and los santos disappears you can land at it?, while still having the ability to fly there with cutscenes? Thanks

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