Don't show my fivem server on server list

Hi, i want to start to say sorry for my english…

Ok let’s start. I have a dedicated server from ovh Intel Xenon 6/12 Core 3.5 ghz boosted to 4.5 ghz 64 gb ram 8 TB HDD.
Platform linux ubuntu 18.04
I use mariadb for data base.
My server works good no problem but he don’t appear on fivem server list i don’t know why…
I make some Firewall Rules on my dedicated server for protection but if i do some wrong…

Please i don’t know why my fivem server don’t show on fivem server list. Only i can connected with direct ip…

If you can help me thanks a lot. Good bless you.

If i post in the rong section sorry.

I reinstall my linux distribution to debian 10 and add port 80 and 443 tcp and udp open.

But nothing happend i have in server.cfg #sv_master1 “” with # .

30110 / 30120 / 80 / 443 it’s open ports in iptables of dedicated server.

I can connect only with ip that’s all… but i want the server to appear on fivem server list… i don’t know where to go to fiind someone to help me or fix this … i pay for fix i do what you want but help me :frowning: