Dont Recommend

The server is run By very unprofesional admins that could honestly careless if you have an issue. Its always cops and robbers, people will just run up and shoot you and rob you with no role play involved then you will be stuck on the floor waiting 10 mins for a EMS that will never show up. No one follows traffic laws so your constantly gonna be hit by cars and if someone does hit you they wont care and just leave you there dead.

The Free jobs are very boring and mindless grindfests of delivery driving that for some reason people would rather do then actually role play on this server to make money. Mining, Fishing and hunting are pretty much not worth it as you make about the same as just driving around a RON truck. But being that its so hard to get a whitelisted job i can understand why people would just stick to playing delivery simulator.

If the server crashes unexpectedly and you loose alot of stuff, if you dont have pictures or video clips to prove that you had that stuff they wont check logs or nothing and wont care to return anything making you loose hours of progress even tho it was not your fault.

Applying for a whitelisted jobs is hell, For example if you want to be a cop They tell you to write paragraphs of up to 100 characters (OOC) out of character explaining why you want to be a cop to then just reject you and tell you its because you dont sound profesional enough and brush you off telling you to reapply in 4 weeks. Seems to me like some whitelisted jobs are reserved for donators or people with higher status.

I have played well over 100 hours on this server and I wish i could get every second back. I do not recommend this server You will never experience any real role play on it.

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