Dog shit

This servers onwer will ban you because of public videos on posted from a guy called mrdiamond. Also when the onwer Ren when people are talking with him in dms and argue about something he brags about the money he makes of people from the server. Then after he says fucked things he deletes all the messages that make him look bad. Then he will also go to as thearten people which he has down to me and told me that i have to leave and stop talking to one of my irl friends or i Will be global banned means banned from all the discords and the server. He also went as far to say that he will hacker all my friends emails and email our parents and school staff on what we are doing which was a joke that my friend beans and joe made which yes it was a little fucked up but they still had a reason to say it. So i defenentlly don’t recomend because the onwer is on a power trip

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