Does this have windows 7 support

Please tell if this does and please dont tell me to upgrade, ive been told many times and its rude. I do apologize for this post but keep in mind im just trying to enjoy myself with a bit of rp and and I am dirt poor to afford windows, I am saving money but I have personal finance to deal with we do not all have that same luxury of wealth so please respect that. I am very tired so I cut straight to the chase.

I have wanted to come back to ■■■■■■ only to have a problem where the game does even launch and ive been bombarded with those negative comments and its frusterating and tiresome. I am currently in this process of getting this installed and I seriously hope it goes well, I am currently downloading all the neccasry files I need to play this. I hope I find better support here, thanks.

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Sort of.

Officially, no, the system requirements specify Windows 8.1 as the lowest supported version of Windows for FiveM. Unofficially, maybe; your mileage may vary, and it might not work forever.

You can reply to this thread with the support template and someone may be able to help, that’s about all you can do.

Windows 7 usually works fine here, as long as you’ve installed all post-launch security/quality updates (perhaps including ESUs). However, at times it’s broken for a day or two when some change isn’t tested there, so you should be aware of that.

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I apologize for the post, I was very tired and frusterated the whole day and was in the middle of installing gta5mp. I was trying to get the whole process to work on the ■■■■■■ which is completely different and the admins there took me by suprise of the rudeness and felt I had zero support there. I dont mind people telling me to upgrade, its just when they leave you hanging and not even attempt to make it work on your system really tells you much about service there plus dealing with financial issues as well. I am sure you guys will understand easily the frusteration.

Anyways you can lock this post, ive did installed 5mp and holy shit I was taken by surprise of how good it was, it was indeed compatible or at least enough to launch the game, though it lagged I was at least happy there was an attempt there. I am amazed at the level of beauty and details the developers put into this and highly recommend to whoever is interested in role play or whatever. This place is a beauty and I might look for low player small servers to be a part of, anyways cheers guys, thanks.

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