Does really have a zero-tolerance policy against resource theft?

In the July Community Update, you guys announced the new policy against resource theft. Many creators had some expectations of you in that thread.

However, a month passed and nothing happened.

Dark0verseer, is a man known for his NoPixel map creations.
Such a well-respected creator didn’t get any response from you.

Now that he gave up, the thief was victorious again.
What a zero-tolerance policy. Nice job you guys.

Clip (start from 43s):

“The abuse report to CFX abuse saying that they were using our ripped content but nothing’s come of it. So I give up. Fuck it.”

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Would like to get in touch with Dark0verseer to figure out what content was stolen. Would they be able to send me a DM? This is likely a missed ticket, and should be quickly resolved.

Is this case being worked on?
The players of the Alpha g server are all well-known streamers in Taiwan, and the server still claims to the streamers that they are all legitimate, and many streamers believe it is true.
Many Asian audiences are very concerned about this matter.
This will allow unauthorized servers to run rampant and deeply hurt the roleplay community in Asia.
By the way, Players on this server need to pay NT500 for the first interview and pay NT300 every month.
Such a weird atmosphere, CFX needs to shut down their servers.
The server link

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You can use to make a report for this.

“Taiwanese” Alpha G server is just more rampant.
You guys announced the new policy against resource theft.
The zero-tolerance policy is just a joke.
This server uses the Nopixel server owner’s unique character mod on 09/19/2022.
“Taiwanese” streamer using the Nopixel owner character mod on twitch