Does anyone know if this car scrapyard is available as a FiveM compatible resource?

This is the mod in question: Cars Dump [MapEditor] -

I have seen that one (pretty sure it is that) in some FivePD Youtube (Jeff Favignano) vids, and wondered if anyone knows if it has been released as a normal YMAP or FiveM resource?

It is possible that they used MapBuilder to stream it - I have got MapBuilder working in FiveM but the mb_addons resource is ~700mb so it is quite a big resource to stream for just one map mod.

Nop but there is a way to convert .xml Files to YMaps! I already converted it for you: 12.3 KB file on MEGA

(Just add start CarsDump2 to your server.cfg) :wink:

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You legend! It works perfectly!

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