Do I have to purchase RDR2 through Steam

I was wondering before I purchase the game if I have to own it through Steam, or if I could buy it through Epic or Rockstar to use it for RedM?

RedM supports any RDR2 version. So no, you don’t need to purchase it through Steam.


Thanks, I only wondered because Epic has a sale with a $10 off coupon so it is only $37.99 atm.

i just downloaded RedM and when i launch it, it says it cannot find red read redemption on my PC, any suggestions?

I belive if Im not mistaken you should be able to select where RDR2’s location.

but are you buying game without online? only with the story mode?

how do u do that?

If someone is having difficulty using the non-steam version, where should they begin troubleshooting?

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Following this post, me and a friend are having trouble joining servers and we bought thru epic

Some servers require steam to be OPEN but you don’t have to own it through steam. So try launching steam first then redm then joining the servers.

I’m noticing that the ultimate edition can be found much cheaper for the “Rockstar” version of the game (not steam or epic games). I’m worried about purchasing it through them as I know there’s friction between Rockstar and the private server community. Would they have the ability to block my access to using REDM?

Np, it does not matter as it uses Rockstar to verify if you own the game.