DLC update "Import and Export"

Hello, I was just wondering when FiveM will update to the Import and Export DLC so we can spawn the new cars like the nero, ruiner 2000, …

Absolutely, this would fix various issues, including the dreaded “mp_freemodemale_01” crash when changing clothing accessories if the rest of the Bikers DLC subsidiaries were to be included as well.

Plus, implementing the Import and Export content would give a little bit more leeway into the possibilities of what can be created in terms of interiors etc.

no, it wouldn’t magically fix it, it’d only worsen that? also, even a fully updated V itself crashes when changing these accessories with a trainer, including when running dlc_mpimportexport as well.

DLCs aren’t things you can ‘update to’?

… but you can create interiors just fine already by making .ytyp files with MLO instances? Having additional DLC assets locally (that you can just add to your server specifically) won’t magically give you more ‘possibilities’.

Also, see this post:

Adding the cars will make you people complain “omg, the new features don’t work!” - and again this is not and was never meant to track every single GTA update, but to be a clean-slate platform for people to develop stuff on.

or you can just add better car mods of your own and not rely on pirating R*'s paid content?

You didn’t understand. FiveM you can spawn in any server any vehicle you want except the part of having vehicle models. You can spawn dlc vehicles because FiveM is “updated” to read those dlc folders on your gta v directory but doesn’t read the import and export so you can’t spawn those vehicles so you can use them and it would be cool you and your friends using ruiner 2000 for example. Plus server only reads .ytd and .yft files at least I don’t see anymore tutorials other then putting vehicle models and put another map.

You can easily add these vehicles as addon vehicles afaik

I don’t think you understand the underlying problem here.

FiveM relies on the game content derived from, for example, your Steam directory.

Now most of these trainers have the addresses for the new DLC subsidiaries, except for Enhanced Reborn which is designed around the client, using the old addresses. However, these addresses were changed with the past few updates, so for example, the skull mask could’ve been replaced by the data for say, one of the new masks that’s available only in the new update.

The only way to really fix this is to either provide the older game content for the client to run on with the old data addresses and model lists, or implement the missing DLC packages. I’ve tested this out thoroughly, with a fresh install of GTA with ONE trainer. The results were as expected where the game did not crash due to the opposing reasons to the one I’ve stated.

I then manually started adding the dlc_mpimportexport and dlc_mpbiker content into content.xml and other perquisite files.

It didn’t crash.

It’s not a matter of magically fixing it, it’s putting the effort in to implement it carefully and correctly and that’s all it takes. A fresh slate isn’t stable when two equilibrium become disturbed by two unavailable perquisites for both the game and client.
Post now redundant

I too aswell would like to see newer vehicles not ones we have to add. Not every server adds the vehicles from previous patches.