Dlc count mismatch - please help

Screen shot of my folder:

Please help

looks like someone has a pirated copy of gta…:expressionless:

This problem is also persists when you use the rockstargames key and download it from their site. FiveReborn only seems to be working on the steam version

@tim260 That’s not true, i bought the game phisically, so R* version, and it’s working perfectly

@tim260 I bought it on Steam :slight_smile:

@BlackFog Me too but didnt work for me until I bought the steam version

What did you? did it say the same when downloaded from rockstar?

Shaq, follow the error report format.

24 hours to make a proper topic + proof of game ownership. Kinda getting annoyed by this topic. If this is not met, all topics created by the OP regarding this will be removed. This topic will be locked as reference.

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?