DLC Count mismatch HELP!

Yes i have a reloaded version of the game, I’ve bought the damn thing 3 times now, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 and quite frankly i do not want to spend another 25-60 $ on this game. I’ve supported these developers enough already. I understand that you do not want to support piracy, because GTA does not like that and you worry they might shut you down. The simple fact is though they don’t like people spending their time on servers that rip off their own, it seems a little hypocritical to me to say to everyone with a cracked version of the game to support the developers when your ripping off their server, we all know this is an extension of the server FiveM made and one of the main reasons they got shut down is because the code from their servers comes from the code of Legit GTA servers. Claiming to not support Piracy does not help anything, the developers of FiveReborn should know the inharent risks their taking in making something like this. The only reason GTA hasn’t taken action yet is because Fivereborn has not gained enough recognition. Please do not be mad at me for stating the obvious though.

All i’m asking for is a way around this or a DLC download that i can use to fix this, i really want to play on these servers and who knows i might even buy the game for a 4th time lol, but right now i don’t have the money and i really don’t to own 4 copies of the same game wasting all my resources and time. thank in advance…

Again please do not be mad at me, i didn’t want to come off as disrespectful but i hope you can understand where i’m coming from.
Any help would be much appreciated, or at least point me to someone or somewhere that can.

If someone and anyone will at least point me in the right direction i’m sure the fine and dandy people at Rockstar will not notice this small support question.