Dlc blips from (Tuner DLC & Contracts DLC) Not Showing

So ofcourse the new dlc’s add new blips but for some reason when i use these blips with the correct ID’s from the documentation they just show up like white circles instead of showing the actual blip?

Any clue how i can fix this and make em show instead of leaving them like this

Hello, have you enforced the game build ?

Have you enforced the new build and updated server artifacts?

Yes i updated the artifacts to the latest recommended and enforced the game build to the dlc for contracts

Yep did both of them

Strange, could you tell me which blip id you used ?

Update your minimap resource, most the old ones haven’t been updated for a long time and don’t have the information for the new blips.

Yeah I thought about that, but what is strange is that there is the default dot. From what I remember it should show an empty texture if the streamed texture is empty for this one ? Could be wrong though

nope if it’s missing it goes to the standard white blip.

This, it will always default to the Standard Blip if missing in the minimap as it doesn’t use textures for them as they are embeded in the minimap scaleform.

Edit: To make this more clear, the .dds file for the blips is used by the .gfx file, but if the .gfx file doesn’t have the location for the .dds item, or the symbol is missing in the .gfx file that would load the .dds texture, it will not load it, and changing the .dds file will not “fix” it, as the .gfx file has to be updated so it knows what they are.

Just tested, because I had a doubt after your message, a non-existing blip will show the default one :

and if there is a streamed resource for blips textures it will be transparent :

(Blip 826 using NEW Colorful HUD (Weapons, Radio & Map Blips) - GTA5-Mods.com only up to tuners DLC)

so i am streaming the minimap for custom blips as well but it also includes the new blips inside but if i use for example id 811 it shows as the dot
blips_texturesheet_ng_2.dds (1.3 MB)

So you link something that mentions about the latest build, but you’re still using an outdated minimap mod in your screenshots, and not the default map which is shown on that link. Before you try again, disable your minimap resource, and I have a good idea that they will work.

To add, the minimap resource, was it created and exported the .dds created with it, if the minimap .gfx files do not contain the symbol for the blip and even if it has the symbol, if its missing from the blip list in the actionscript, it will not use it. Trust me, I’ve decompiled a lot of scaleforms to understand this, even created my own while researching them, Scaleform Tutorial written by @manups4e. The minimap mod/resource needs to be updated to contain the correct updates for the new blips to be used.

Oh I think you misunderstood, I used an outdated minimap mod on purpose to show that they will be shown without any textures after this message :

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Send me the minimap file that you’re using, I’ll dump it out and check the sprite IDs. Its more the issue that you used an outdated one in both images, so I think I completely, under, stood.

well i’m streaming a minimap.ytd which contains the blips and my hud resource streams the minimap.gfx so if i update that one it should work or?

its the minimap.gfx file, just using only the .ytd should be enough, you only need the minimap.gfx if you’re doing something special in the file itself, like editing it in Flash to add methods or delete items.