Distance Problem, i need help <3

Hello to the FiveM team, I have a problem with the display distance of my personalized vehicles, as you can see on the screen below, the wheels of the vehicle do not appear except when I get closer, do you have a solution? fixed this problem?

I tried this kind of Solution but nothing changes, the problem is still present :frowning: :
set sv_lodscale “2.0”
view-distance = 2000

If you have a solution I’m a taker <3

Try maxing out these two setting under Graphics and Advanced Graphics

if that doesn’t work it might be the LOD in the model itself that’s causing your issue

How to Repair the lod model ?

You would need some kind of modeling software like Blender to bake it into the model, another thing you can try is go into your vehicles.meta and mess with the lodDistances


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thx ! i go try this !

Not work :frowning:

Only other thing I can think of of it is, it might be conflicting files… Do you have multiple metas for each vehicle or a merged?

No :confused: i dont understand why i have this

A lot of vehicles that work in GTA 5 may not carry over to FiveM properly.

why ? :confused:

I don’t know the exact reason for all but most of the time was improper metas etc. sometimes even model issues.

Hi there, and YES! (It’s from the LOD)

The commands you’ve tried (set sv_lodscale “2.0” and view-distance = 2000 ) are intended to increase the level of detail and view distance, but it seems they haven’t worked in your case.

Here are a few other things you could try:

  1. Check your game settings: Ensure that your game settings are set to the highest possible. This includes settings like texture quality, detail distance, and view distance.
  2. Update your graphics drivers: Sometimes, outdated graphics drivers can cause issues with game graphics. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  3. Reinstall the game: If none of the above solutions work, you might want to try reinstalling the game. Sometimes, game files can become corrupted, which can cause issues like this.

Hope that helps and all be fixed!
PS: If these doesn’t work at all, try to contact FiveM Support.


My setting is to Maximum, i have a RTX 4090 and it’s cool ^^"
My graphics drivers is up to date,
My game have a fresh install too

How to contact FiveM Support ?