[Discovery] Remove "BLIP_NAME" from cursor when on map

The BLIP_NAME which displayed despite not being hovered over one was bugging me so I spent a few hours looking around the files to find a fix and finally came upon the code which disables it:

local a = DatabindingAddUiItemListFromPath("", "MapFocus")
DatabindingAddDataString(a, "Region", "");
DatabindingAddDataBool(a, "ItemHovered", false);
DatabindingAddDataString(a, "HoveredName", "");

here’s what I’m talking about, already fixed i.e. no BLIP_NAME placard next to the crosshair:

I have this running every tick and it seems to work, but I haven’t tested it with blips other than the player’s and the marker.
Hope you enjoy if this was bugging you as well :grin:

Thank you! Very useful!