Discord Unban Appeal

Hello cfx.re Team’s,

I writing this message because i have banned from fivem discord but i don’t know the reason and im sorry for the stupidity i did

(ps: sorry my english is very bad i’m frensh sorry)

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What’s your Discord username?

! LOOCKXY or loockxy_dev

and my id is 503306000187523084

I’m unable to see why you were banned so I have revoked your ban.

Please make sure to review the rules upon join.

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Ok just the server tell me i have incorrect pseudo

Can you elaborate on what you mean by that? Did you get a message?

Yes it’s message of Discord

It seems like the ! in front of your username is not allowed.

It’s bizzard there are members in the discord who are this in their nickname

There have always been many people with their nick/username prefixed with !, as such we only block new users from having such in their names.