[Discord] Asking for Unban


I’m comming from SAMP and MTA, I did a lot of scripting, had my own server with friends.
I found this project yesterday and it’s amazing. I think this will be the future in GTA Multiplayer games. :slight_smile:
And I already have server-hardware ready for this.

OK now to my main point:
Yesterday I also joined Discord. After I had some problems and got great support on the discord channel (thanks to Tuss and ash), I got a ban and think this could be a mistake maybe.

So I’m just asking how long I got banned with my main account?
I’m using in the meantime Discord over the webbrowser to get on the server, it works, but it’s inconvenient since I am using many other Discord servers on my main account.

I uploaded a screen from the ban:

hopefully see you soon on Discord!

Ban removed.



You seem to be unbanned.

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Thanks, now i rejoined :slight_smile: