[Discontinued][Release][1.1.4] Scorpion Trainer (FlatracerMODs Edition)

Sooooo… After some Months of LUA learning and to test my “skills” I ceated a personal Version of the Scorpion Trainer from @pongo1231. With many (I think so) funny options. I wanted to share it with you guys to gets some feedback and ideas what I could add or improve.

Check the Features list for more informations

Player Menu
  • Add Armor, Heal & Wash Your Ped
  • Animation Menu (Various S*x Acts, Various Strips & Various Suicide Animations)
  • Change Skin Menu (Animal Skins, Female Skins, Male Skins & Player [Franklin, Michael, Trevor & MP Chars])
  • Everyone Ignores You [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Fast Run [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Fast Swim [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Godmode [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Infinite Stamina [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Police Ignores You [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Scenario Menu (Various Ped Scenarios)
  • Super Jump [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Wanted Level Options (Clear Wanted Level, Disable Wanted Level ON/ OFF Toggle, Set Wanted Level(1, 2, 3, 4 & 5))
  • Suicide
  • Superman Mode [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Visbile [ON/ OFF Toggle]

Vehicle Menu
  • Vehicle Spawn Menu (Every Vanilla Vehicle)
  • Boost On Horn [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Bunny Hop [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Delete Current Vehicle
  • Door Options (FL, FR, RL, RR, Hood & Trunk)
  • Fix & Clean
  • Flip Vehicle
  • F*ck Up Current Vehicle
  • Flying Vehicle [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Godmode [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Gravity [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Seatbelt [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Tuning Menu (Max Upgrade, Min Downgrade, LSC & Extras)
  • Reduce Grip [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Visible [ON/ OFF Toggle]

Teleportation Menu
  • Teleport To Waypoint
  • Teleport Forward
  • Teleport Into Nearest Vehicle
  • Teleport To Online Player
  • Teleport Online Player To Me (Only For Admins)
  • Interior Teleport Locations
  • Exterior Teleport Locations
  • Custom Locations

Weapons Menu
  • Give All Weapons
  • Remove All Weapons
  • Delete Gun (Pistol) [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Explosive Ammo [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Fire Ammo [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Infinite Ammo & No Reload [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • One Shot Kill [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Teleport Gun (Heavy Sniper) [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Vehicle Weapons Menu (ON/ OFF Toggle, Various Weapon Types)
  • Vehicle Gun (AP Pistol) [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Whale Gun (Stungun) [ON/ OFF Toggle]

Misc Menu
  • Always Parachute [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Blackout [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Bodyguard Options (Spawn, Delete All & Delete Single Bodyguards)
  • Disable Cinematic Cam [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Draw FPS [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Explode Nearest Vehicles [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Mobile Radio [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • No Clip Mode [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • No NPCs & Traffic [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Radio Options (Skip Current Song & Freeze Radio Station)
  • Speedometer Options (ON/ OFF Toggle, KMH & MPH)
  • Time Options (Freeze Current Time, Add/ Reduce One Hour, Morning, Midday, Evening & Midnight)
  • Vibrator :wink: [ON/ OFF Toggle]
  • Weather Options (Blizzard, Clear, Clearing, Clouds, Extra Sunny, Foggy, Light Snow, Neutral, Overcast, Rain, Smog, Snow, Thunder & Xmas)

About Menu
  • Version Info (Currently 1.1.4)
  • Founder (@pongo1231)
  • Enhancer (@Flatracer)
  • Recommend Resolution for best experience (1920x1080)

  • 1.1.0 Initial Release Scorpion Trainer by Scammer
  • 1.1.1 Initial Release Scorpion Trainer FlatracerMODs Edition
  • 1.1.2 Minor Bugfixes and Imrovements (Thanks to @siggyfawn for helping)
    Added Admin and Normal Version
    (Check The server.lua for more Informations about the Admin Version)
  • 1.1.3 Minor Bugfixes
  • 1.1.4 Minor Bugfixes, added the possibility to add more than one Admin and added some new Options

Enough writing :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is:
Admin Version: Click Here

Normal Version: Click Here

To be honest, these two are completly the same, just one word got changed, but I know, that many here are just leecher :stuck_out_tongue: so…

VIrusTotal Scan Admin Version
VIrusTotal Scan Normal Version

If you find any problems with any of the functions, comment here and inform me about the problem.

I hope you guys like it and I get many feedback and improvement ideas.

Credits: @pongo1231 (Thanks for the “stock” Scorpion Trainer), @siggyfawn (Thanks for some Improvements), some helpful guys from GTAForums and @Flatracer(myself :smile:)


Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Your FPS code scares me. I’m also not sure it’s accurate (I used the steam overlay to test mine). Here’s what I use.

local rgb = {r = 255, g = 153, b = 102}
local prevtime = GetGameTimer()
local prevframes = GetFrameCount()
local fps = -1

        while not NetworkIsPlayerActive(PlayerId()) or not NetworkIsSessionStarted() do	        
            prevframes = GetFrameCount()
            prevtime = GetGameTimer()            

        while true do		 
            curtime = GetGameTimer()
	    curframes = GetFrameCount()	   
	    if((curtime - prevtime) > 1000) then
		fps = (curframes - prevframes) - 1				
		prevtime = curtime
		prevframes = curframes

            if IsGameplayCamRendering() and fps >= 0 then
	        PrintText(fps .. " FPS")

function PrintText(text)
	SetTextColour(rgb.r, rgb.g, rgb.b, 255)
	SetTextScale(0.4, 0.68)
	SetTextWrap(0.0, 1.0)
        SetTextDropShadow(0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
        SetTextEdge(0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
	DrawText(0.89, 0.93)

I like the IsGameplayCamRendering() so it doesn’t show during cutscene, teleporting, afk, etc… As for the NetworkIsSessionStarted/NetworkIsPlayerActive, I just don’t like starting client scripts until they’ve fully loaded. I’ve had a native crash the game by not waiting for the session to start. But that’s probably optional. =)

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Can you integrate this for only owners ?

Probably, I will take a look at it the next time

It is not the best way to do it :stuck_out_tongue: I know haha but it works and it it correct. Anyway I will take a look at yours the next time and maybe use it. Thanks for the Feedback

You can add an option about this. It would be awesome ! Please do it !!!

You can move this line

local cleanspeed = GetEntitySpeed(GetVehiclePedIsIn(GetPlayerPed(-1), false))


if IsPedInAnyVehicle(GetPlayerPed(-1), true) then
local cleanspeed = GetEntitySpeed(GetVehiclePedIsIn(GetPlayerPed(-1), false))
if kmh == true then

Since you don’t use it unless they have the option enabled and they’re in a car.

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The nopeds option doesn’t fully work. This is from the rotten V zombies release. If you don’t remove the traffic cars, you’ll still get peds wandering around (they park places and get out). Fairly sure the only way to get rid of all peds, is to call all of these every frame.

-- Thanks to @nobody
	while true do
    	        -- These natives has to be called every frame.
		SetScenarioPedDensityMultiplierThisFrame(0.0, 0.0)
		local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)
		local pos = GetEntityCoords(playerPed) 
		RemoveVehiclesFromGeneratorsInArea(pos['x'] - 500.0, pos['y'] - 500.0, pos['z'] - 500.0, pos['x'] + 500.0, pos['y'] + 500.0, pos['z'] + 500.0);
		-- These natives do not have to be called everyframe.
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Thanks for the release ! Same as @Zesha, i wait an integration for only Owners to take that in my server !

Good job :wink:

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@Zesha @Ryload

Added the Option to just enable the Trainer for the Admin. Still some Options like Indicator, Weapon Drop etc. work for everyone.

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Nice, thanks buddy ! i’m gonna try that

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Thank you ! … !

Very very nice! Still looking over the code, I’ll post any suggestions or issues I find!

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Most GTA mods the seatbelt feature does this

SetPedConfigFlag(ped, 32, false)


I sorta think the ragdoll might be a better solution, but I’d probably add the SetPedConfigFlag(ped, 32, false) also, then if ragdoll is enabled the seatbelt feature will still work. Otherwise enabling ragdoll also disables seatbelt. But like I said in most trainers I’ve seen, the standard seatbelt feature uses the fly thru windscreen config flag.

Also the seatbelt code never checks if playerVeh is valid. And if it is valid, which means he’s inside, what does putting him inside again do? disable ragdoll effects?

SetPedCanRagdoll(playerPed, false) will end any ragdoll effects instantly. I don’t think you need any code after that.

You could also enable a little more realistic seatbelts, if the option is enabled, you disable vehicle seat shuffling.

CanShuffleSeat(vehicle, p1)

Then if you’re in the passenger seat, with seatbelts on, you won’t switch to the driver if he gets out. Which is sorta cool. But it also means no one shuffles seats if 1 person has seatbelts on, but I’m okay with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

How to change the open menu key to F5…
One key only…


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Take a look at the main.lua. I think it is pretty selfexplaining…

But if you change the open Button the instruction draw will not be correct anymore.

Menu open good but nothing work when i press button !

I am at work rn. I will take a look at it, when I am at home again.

Where can I get the key code?