Direct Connect History/Favorites (For Unlisted Servers)

The servers I play on are unlisted and I can only get on them via direct connect. It would be quite convenient if those servers displayed on my history. In addition, would be even more helpful if I could manually add an IP to my favorites list.

Go to Fivem client install path (C:\Users???\AppData\Local\FiveM\ and find there " favourites.json file.

open with notepadc++ or vs and edit the ip.

hope it help

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Thanks for the info, but it doesn’t work. I’m guessing the way it is coded, it only shows servers that are listed or ‘announced’ on the main list.

Ok, so i think youre server dont open his port.

Client is Pinging this server, but he cant response while port is blocked.

ps. if is on your own pc go to direct connect write localhost and its done. or you let him announcing and script a whitelist… i have no time for it. have a nice day

I actually did get it to work. Usually I use my internal IP to connect to my server via direct connect. I was adding that IP into the favorites. That was not working.

I set announce to true on my and found it on the server list, right clicked, and added it to favorites. This added my external IP address and keeps it once I set announce to off.

Is there no way to do this with an internal IP, if you know?

Delete your cache, it happens to me a lot as well.

I would still like to see this added as a feature in the server browser not by editing a favorites json file.

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