Digital Society

Come join us at Digital Society RP. We have the normal public jobs you get from city hall, the grinding jobs at the mine, or farming. We also have custom jobs that need those items from the grinders to make or build products to sell.

Plenty of illegal options as well. Get missions to bring drugs into the city. Different robberies to get plenty of money.

We’re also looking for people that want to run their own business. If you have an idea that you want to try to bring alive, let us know and we’ll come up with a script to make it happen.

We want people that aren’t just trying to win. We want to build a Digital Society that people build together.

Join the discord: Digital Society
Join the server: F8 then “connect”

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Good weekend and start to the server. Let see if we can get more people to join us! Plenty of jobs and businesses available. Just need to discuss your business ideas with staff and we’ll make sure the job is catered to those ideas!


Looking for people to join us this weekend! Come have some fun!