Different CPU msec and Time % (resmon) on 2 different PC's?

Hey guys!

This is the usage on a friends pc

This is the usage on mine

Why is there a huge difference in Time % and a few on CPU msec
I really want to get the same way the CPU msec and Time % are calculated
I keep thinking that the resources are going way too high when in reality the msec are low on the other pc, I have a 3700x he has an i9 but still, I don’t think that it should matter…

Ita not about cpu.
We experience this
Same i9 9900k

Hugr difference

Reason base on my observation
Ram, motherboard.
Even both have xmp 2.0
Brand and quality of ea parts makes huge diff

But how can I dev properly to check ms usage then?
I love to lower usage but this changed the way I see things, now Im worried that some scripts use even lower ms, and I’m wasting time on those…

Also, should I worry about TIME %? or just focus on CPU msec?

what do you mean how ?
just use resmon.
total % means effective time of the total % of total CPU msec. maybe calculated every per second …

just dont worry about other pc specs.
optimized the script at your own knowledge.

me i have powerfull pc what i am using now…

but when i am optimizing scripts. i use my old spec laptop
there i lowered the cpu msec.