Diamond pack ( casino update cars ) Reducing the size from 937mb to 360mb

The credit and original content ( here )

22 car ( The Diamond Casino & Resort )

|| What i did to Reducing the size from 937mb to 360mb ?

  • i just Delete the audio file for all 22 cars
  • and Modify the vehicles.meta to add new from the same game .
    and i Fix problems for some cars that have like (lag) when riding just 4 cars ,
    here the imge https://i.imgur.com/d4XjJD9.jpg




So you took sounds that are already ingame?

Yes, just write the name of a car whose engine sound is appropriate , from vehicles.meta

Craashing :confused:

i think the crach with this car (paragon2) i test the pack with out onesync

i just try spawn caracara2 and dynasty on my local server and crashing all the time

If you just fixed stuff from another release, why not share this fix in the original topic? I don’t think we can consider this something completely new.

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ok no problem , As you want, boss The reason is because the first topic is old and there are people that need it in a small size

Hay Dude, U have to clear ur CHACHE, after installing the new Pack, to delete the old shitty car pack cache ^^. Try it :upside_down_face:

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get read. As you can see someone even posted in it recently :slight_smile:

Once someone replies, it will be on the top of the recent topics, so it can definitely be found just as easy as new topics. It’s much better to keep things in one place then have a lot of different topics that do essentially the same thing. That means that information gets spread and users won’t find everything in one place.

I have had mods here shut down unanswerd posts after if posted in them because its “OLD”. you guys drive me crazy with this crap make up your minds lol

Every category has it’s own rules/settings. Topics in #development:releases are never too old.

For S80 there is no animation while getting in/out of the car.

I have not found a car like that to replacing vehicles.meta so just i fix 4 cars

very interesting :thinking:

Did you found any solution for this??

No, I didn’t tried to.