DeviousRP - Ready to come to the Devious side?

Welcome to the Official DeviousRP Community Page! We’re a fairly large whitelisted GTA V serious role play server that is community driven, community run. We have everything that you could ever dream of having in an RP server, and we’re only missing YOU! We’re looking for anyone who is willing to have fun, be part of a loving community, and is ready to get their game on! So why not join us today? Ready to come to the Devious side?

To join us, please first join the Discord at: , which will take you to our interview process, as well as application. DeviousRP does in person interviews, so you’ll get to meet our lovely staff, as well as our community too. Bring your stories, adventures, characters, and positive attitude to us!

*Note: As of 9/26/2020, we have undertaken a relaunch, and were formerly known as NextRP. After some careful self evaluation and sorting through community response, we have decided to relaunch ourselves under a new name and new leadership. We would like to be the first to welcome everybody who sees this to our new server, and to enjoy our updated server with everything YOU wanted to see.

We offer (but not limited too):
-Full EMS, Police, and Fire jobs
-Courthouse with DoJ (lawyers, judges, etc.)
-Full HD map with Realistic Phone (in game 911, Twitter, and more!) and over 1000 Radio channels
-5 family factions to possibly join, as well as 1 cult
-Gangs, organizations, etc. who run the underground
-Daily in game newspaper
-Imported cars and local cars, with suggestions open
-Player owned houses and business which can be decorated to YOUR liking!
-Crime, ranging from your average drug dealing (and making drugs) to the big Pacific Standard heist!
-Casino, Mechanic Shops, Car Dealerships, Shops, and more!
-A lively community looking to add more members and we want YOU!

What are you waiting for? DeviousRP is here for you! Ready to come to the Devious side?


Love this city!!!