Devils Hand Roleplay

Welcome To Devil’s Hand RP ( Qbcore Server )
What We Have to Offer:

We offer a unique roleplay experience and tons of opportunities to advanced your knowledge and careers within our community. We have many departments, ranks, and subdivisions to choose from. We have experienced staff members, who are ready to assist at any time and are always here to talk to. In Devil’s Hand RP all of our members have a say therefore you never feel like your going to be left out. But most importantly in Devil’s Hand RP , we do not discriminate against anyone, no matter race, gender, or orientation. Devil’s Hand RP is a safe place for everyone to enjoy.
Our Features:

We are a Amazing Roleplay Server!
Obcore framework Based Server
24/7 server uptime
A lot of MLO’s for (Police - Hospital- EMS)
A lot of vehicles for Emergency Services
EUP for departments
Easy going Staff/Devs Happy to take suggestions from anyone
In-game Radio
Fun & Realistic Roleplay
Donator Vehicles & Perks ( in the Works )
Our Departments:

Pill Box Hospital Staff ( Open )
San Andres State Police ( Closed )
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office ( Closed )
Los Santos Police Department ( Open )
San Andreas Fire & Rescue ( Closed )
Our Basic Server Requirement’s:

Age Requirement: Must be over 18+
Equipment: Must have a working microphone
Game Ownership: MUST Own a fully Legal copy of GTAV For PC
Adherence to Rules: Must be able to follow server Rules/guidelines
Strict Policy: We Follow a Strict strike Policy
Consistency: Must Follow all rules at all times
Must Be Mature and Honest
Server Info: Devil's Hand RP

Join Today! We hope to see you there!