Hello, I’m a developer currently looking for work, my skillset is below:

I have 7+ years of experience with development, and around 2 years of experience with FiveM Development in specific.
I can efficiently code in LUA & JavaScript.
I can work in groups or by myself well.
Fluent in English
Very Detail Oriented.

If you are in need of work, contact me on Discord:

Looking for more work again,

I sent you a few messages on Discord but no reply.

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I have a project in mind - that is NOT a RP related server, if your interested look me up

hey mate i am looking for some one to help me with my server i have only to got it and need help could you message me on at MrGeekSquad#8801

If you are still looking for work I have a server mostly up and running but with constant work to be done to bring the server back up and make it even better! I have a dev currently working on the server but looking to add more talent to our community!! message me on discord MVPatriot#5487

Hey man,

I have sent you a friend request (Maverick#1000). Would be great if we could have a chat.


still looking for work again? if so add me on discord Vlad The Chad#8535

Hello this is Vladyslav, am with the IllicitRP collective team, I am very pleased to say the least. However if you are still working on and FiveM servers and/or interested to resume development please message myself directly through discord via my tag (listed below)

  • Vladyslav#7497

If you would like more information, feel free to message me and/or take a look at our FiveM forum!
(listed below)

Thank you for your time Spectre, have yourself a wonderful day!

Hello, my team & I are looking for developers who can create, maintain, & re-write scripts. Ex: Housing, Car development, jobs, clothes etc. We have no problem paying for your services. Thank you

Friended you on discord, now waiting for the acception

Hello! I’d like to bump this post as i’m currently looking for work again! Add my discord at anxiety#0107 for inquiries.

hey im i was wondering if i could DM you on discord i tried to add you and it didnt work if you could add me my discord is Lancer#5147 thanks.

Very interested. Please contact me asap!!! SneakyTurtle#5100