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still looking to be a server dev

You still looking?
Add me: Siplon#7667

I am actively seeking a business partner who is a FiveM developer with a vision for creating a groundbreaking, enterprise-level server that wants to be a pivotal part of this ambitious project.

The layout of how the server will be is already written, organized and detailed.
It will provide an immersive and profound gaming experience. It’s based on the years of experience of playing on roleplay servers.

Your Commitement:

  • Proficiency in FiveM development.
  • A visionary mindset with a desire for innovation.
  • Collaboration skills.

My Commitment :

I will handle the organization of methodology and ground rules, ensuring a well-structured project. I will oversee recruitment, staff supervision, and the professional execution of tasks to bring our server to fruition.

I am committed to invest in this endeavor by covering all expenses, including server advertisement and functionality costs.

contact discord : godfather.007


Available :hammer_and_pick:

Im getting a lot of questions about what my rates are but i just want to point out that i am not money driven! Im here to have fun and make something awesome.

Hey mate im looking into creating an fivem community and i feel like you would be the perfect piece of the puzzle im hoping for a realistic economy based qbcore server. Currently just brought a vps and ready to go i want you to have fun developing a server so want some of your inputs as well. If this is something you are intrested in please do get back to me. Cheers rwc



I am currently in the process of acquiring a pretty good server and in need of a dev that I put on call to help maintain and troubleshoot the server.

The server is setup and ready to go with high pop. It was brought down because the previous dev had some personal matters to handle.

I’m looking for someone with experience to over the server and maintain it as needed.

Compensation can be discussed.

Please reach out on discord: Cholo5516

Bump, available.