šŸŸ¢ - [Developer] Experienced Developer Looking For Work

Hey everyone!

I am Clif, and I am a LUA developer with 4+ years of experience working with FiveM.

Iā€™m currently looking for a part-time or a full-time development role.

What do I offer you may ask!;

  • I work with every framework there is! (QBCore, ESX, vRP, more!)
  • Setting servers up to how YOU like it.
  • Helping manage and keeping up with server development.
  • I can write FiveM scripts from scratch.
  • I use GitHub to manage my work.
  • I can optimize scripts.
  • Adding features/reworking scripts.
  • Diagnosing script errors.
  • I can build NUI using modern technologies like React, Vue.
  • I can build a custom website for your server.

Contact me!

You can contact me via discord; devclif or Clif#0001 or you can join my development discord and make a ticket.

Status: Looking For Work :green_circle:


Friend request send.


I got the new discord username update you can find me by searching: devclif or you can use my old identifier: Clif#0001.

Friend request sent via Discord mate.

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I added you, my name is dree2x

Hi dude!

Do you only work for the English community server or also for the example: Ducth Community Server? (QB)

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