[DEV TOOLS] Copy Coordinates in game to your computer clipboard

Hello all,

Here is a Dev Tool built that we use to Copy Coords in game. It allows us to copy coordinates from in game to our clipboard. So if you need to get coordinates for 10 different spawn points for something, you just type /copycoords, /copycoords2 or /copycoords3. This will copy your coordinates in game to your clip board in a number of different formats so you can paste them directly into your scripts:

0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 <---- /copycoords
x = 0.0, y = 0.0, z = 0.0, h = 0.0 <---- /copycoords2
['x'] = 0.0, ['y'] = 0.0, ['z'] = 0.0, ['h'] = 0.0 <---- /copycoords3




Excellent work!


Exactly what we needed, thanks!

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OMG it’s nice script~! thx for lot

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Thank you !!!

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Amazing script bro. Very useful!!!

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