Dermo - FiveM Developer (Looking for Work)

About Me

My name is Dermo(only get called by my nickname). I am 22 Y/O, born & raised in Ireland🇮🇪I have been roleplaying on FiveM for over 3 years now. I am now looking to share my experience with server owners that are looking to grow their server and have it developed to a high standard.

  • Regarding ESX/vRP servers
    • Due to the amount of time and effort it can take to perform certain tasks within the ESX Framework, I will not help build an ESX Server from scratch however I will install, configure and troubleshoot ESX Servers.

I first started out developing Habbo Servers & through that gained a lot of knowledge & went onto work as a Software Engineer.
Over the 3 years of Developing on FiveM I have gained lots of experience.
From managing & developing my own servers or to helping out other owners, I have learnt and grew into the developer I am today.
Skills and Assets
*I have a lot of skills when it comes to running, developing and managing FiveM servers,.

  • In FiveM itself I can;
    • Create a FiveM server from scratch.
    • Properly install resources that you request me to.
    • Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking.
    • Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.
    • Convert mods and add-ons from third-party sites (GTA5 mods for example) to FiveM ready.
    • If you are working on a Linux based machine, server setup will be left up to you since I am not too familiar with the Linux platform.
  • Other things I can offer to you *
    Manage your Dedicated Server by keeping it professional, up to date and running as optimal as possible.
    • Provide you with tips and tricks I have learnt over the years.
    • Provide you with information on the best, cheapest the most reliable service providers such as Server Hosts, and VPS Hosts.
    • Provide you with very quick response times (Usually within 30 minutes) during any time of the day, work hours or not.
    • Provide you with contacts that have benefits that I have gained over the years.
    • Portforward your router for you if needed.
    • Provide custom coded scripts and assets.

Contact Information
The quickest way to get in contact with me is via Discord, as that is where I am most active.
Discord - Dermo#1349


XxTOKEYGINxX#4389 that my dis add me so we can chat

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We are looking for a full time dev
message me or open a ticket in our discord and we can have a chat

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Hi, I am looking for people that know how to script and dev, would you be able to be dev team for my server?

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You can message me on discord.