[DEPRECATED][Release][v4] Special Vehicle Circuit Cars Add-On

[This has been removed]


thanks you very much!

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A question: I have to download and install both v1 and v2? or only one of them?

Only one of them.

The only difference is that in v1 all four cars sounds the same.
In v2 every car sounds differently.

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Nice work but there is an issue with the infernus2, the lights should pull out (I’m french idk if what I’m saying is correct) but they don’t they go down. I took 2 screens :

I will take a look in fixing this, but I can’t promise anything.

Sure no problem :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help, I just found it an hour ago, couldn’t test it till now.

Will update when it works.

Updated, working know :slight_smile:

Nice I’ll try that later thanks !

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Could you provide a change log? what did you do in v3? only the lights issue?

There is a Changelog… Yes, I only fixed the problem with the Headlights.

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Any chance that u have import/export dlc too ? :smiley:

I have, yeah but there is already a thread about it.