Denial of Service

It seems that FiveM will discontinue support for Win7, also it seems on discord there is no room for asking questions or updates on the status, and in new updates a fix for the complete impossibility to play the game on win7 after the latest update.

I don’t think that it’s fine to just fuck off people who built interactions connections and spent time on servers, also denying possibility to get updated or ask questions about updates for a fix.
My Gta V is working, so if it is working, it also should FiveM.
As a reminder that once You take responsability for thousands of people, You cannot really do whatever You like just because You have the option, I’m here to give that reminder and actively do my best to denial the service untill the issue is solved or the ETA for it’s fix is updated and correct.

Uh, what?

Not at all.

A fix is still pending, but as said, waiting on the one developer we have with access to a machine old enough to run Windows 7 to investigate and resolve an underlying issue.

… or about anything, given a raid by cheaters. Nothing to do with your issue.

You can ask on the forums here, as you have in fact done already.

The ‘Discord’ is not an official means of communication, especially not for niche questions like this.


You are literally ‘asking a question about updates for a fix’ here. How is that ‘possibility’ being denied when you are doing exactly that?

Also, how are we ‘fucking off people’, whatever that means?

It’s been said multiple times that Windows 7 support is best-effort, as most of our team doesn’t have access to a system that can even run Windows 7 in the first place.

So by that measure, FiveM should work on Vista too? Or PS3/X360?

That still doesn’t make much sense - also, we didn’t intentionally ‘break Windows 7’. Literally, why would we do such?

Again, what?

It might be you’ve been using a translator, since most of the text in your post doesn’t make much sense at all.


Stop using an 11 year old Operating System that Microsoft themselves have even stopped supporting. If something happens to work on it, then it’s just by pure luck. Update your OS.


Just because mainstream people is to stupid to understand what even win10 does, It’s not smart people’s problem and shouldn’t be.
Educate Yourself on the subject, the fact that You don’t value Your privacy is up to You only,
this is not Win XP which lacks features n stuff, they just decided to drop support for it to force people to update just to raise profits and their power on collected data of people.

To reply at @deterministic_bubble, I never said You broke support on purpose, but the deadline of yesterday which was prompted for a fix passed, now the Discord allows no messages in it, the last update was about FPS warnings and no mention for the support question.
I exploited a vulnerability on the server to dos the panel, refresh the webserver and I won’t use the exploit again, I will await for an official update on the status before carrying on the crusade.

And why are you now threatening to dos people if something doesn’t happen than just reporting the exploit and allowing it to be fixed as well? What a great attitude

Deadline for a fix?

Where? What deadline?

We stated in previous messages that we don’t have anything that would support Windows 7 to accurately replicate what is going on, and it’s something we’re actively looking in to fixing.

Crusade? What kind of conspiracy lunatic are you, exactly?

Don’t value our privacy? Right, I’m sorry but you’re spitting nothing but bullshit. The repository is there, it’s open source. Do you somehow think we’re basement gnomes with 9 monitors typing at 300 words per minute to fix issues and have everyone expect a fix within 5 minutes? That’s not how that works.

About privacy I’m talking about Win10, not You, I’m not writing in Mongolian

So I’m a lunatic?

“You cannot”
“Closest You can get” etc.
Fuck win10

Entitled to your own opinion buddy, but don’t threaten to dos people with some FiveM exploit if Windows 7 compatability isn’t instantly fixed. deterministic_bubble told you that they’re waiting on a developer who has access to Windows 7 to fix the issue.

No need to threaten. Now care to share the exploit? Then two fixes at once! :open_mouth:

So I guess you’ve never used any social media platforms? Don’t have an email address, don’t use Google/YouTube, etc.

They all collect your data too, and I’m sure whatever third world country you live in knows everything about you anyway.

I don’t live in a third world country, I use an email with fake info, I stopped using social media platforms when i was 16, I share data with Youtube because I don’t use it for stuff or interests I don’t want shared.

i added u on steam for the exploit, there’s like 15 i found in 1 week lol

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This is best sent via email to [email protected] so that everyone can look at it and I don’t have to be the middleman sending information to others.


To the Staff, sorry for the “Threating” I would’ve kindly asked for updates on Discord but You closed the chat and I ain’t the type to ask kindly twice.

No, Im not expecting that but why disable the Discord chat? also no mention in the update message about the win7 situation, I don’t expect a 1 day fix, what I expected was a better community management, if with all the tools discord gives you You had to resort on such a draconian action, then maybe there’s something wrong with Your management skill.

i still have to dump the db first cuz i needed the rcon for a server using fivem, after that i’ll submit. the dos happened by accident while dumping srry

Explained below why it’s closed for the time being. It’s not against you or anything lol.

The Discord was bombarded with the same retoric about something else, unrelated to Windows 7. Including cheat makes raiding the Discord after their cheat stopped working. You can read more about it in #fivem-support.

Again, not closed because of Windows 7 issue that only affects 1% of the player base. It is known, and as explained earlier, will be looked at in the coming days.

Again passive aggressive behavior. Boasting about gaining access to a database and exploiting. Buddy, you are doing criminal activity here. I suggest you stop doing it and especially talk about it on these forums.

Again, thanks. Awaiting your email.

@d0p3t I’m getting constantly notified about all of these topics and they wont stop

Same here