Delete pls ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

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hi can i ask this working on esx ?

… It’s says vRP… So if u want it for esx you will most likely need to convert it

Hi, i can get it to work only until i try to spawn the objetcs. Then they wont spawn. I dont know if i’m stupid or there is something wrong with the script.
But if you are able to help that yould be appreciated. (Out of the menu) (In the menu)

i will make an esx version soon

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what version of vrp are you using?

i updated the download, try now

maybe you give object file?
You add custom object!

nope they aren’t custom obeject, try to download it another time, i updated it. For other people now it’s working

no, i don’t think i will

Unto mazonna

ESX Please…

Prop System

Im glad you made a vRP version of my Prop System, but could you maybe credit the original topic?

Here you have the original ESX script buddy :wink: Prop System

Full copy paste of B1G’s version… You didn’t even change the commands… Shame, at least give credits

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Too simple, uses IB1G’s prop system and only added menu