Deferralmanager - A simple resource for ordered deferrals w/ Adaptive Cards support

This resource adds support for using Adaptive Cards across multiple resources and turns deferrals into a synchronous-like process.

It “sync-chains” deferrals (playerConnecting event handlers) via the RegisterHook export and allows more than one resource to use adaptive cards, as previously if there were two resources trying to use these, one would overwrite the other due to the natural async-ness of deferrals.

It also has a built-in “priority system”, so you have full control over what hooks are called first.

More information, documentation, and the download itself can be found over at the public repository below.


Beat me to it, you should add in an API to make creating the cards easier.

wow man that’s cool

I would, but I feel like this is up to servers to figure out for themselves since cards can be done in a lot of different and creative ways, and can depend on the use case entirely.

On the other hand though, I do have a couple ideas in mind to make it less painful, so I’ll see what can be done. PR’s are also welcome for anyone wondering :slight_smile: