Dedication Roleplay -

  • Active/Responsive Staff: Our staff is constantly working on improving the overall experience of our community. Our staff members are easily accessible through our ticket system and our development team is always open to new suggestions from the community.

  • Player Driven Economy: Our server has the perfect economic environment to promote roleplay. Each job relies on another job to ensure they have product to produce/sell.

  • Employment Opportunities: Doctor, Police, Bounty Hunter, Blacksmith, Gunsmith, Cinema Owner, Horse Trainer, Livestock Rancher, General Store Owner, Undertaker, Criminal, Bartender, Train Conductor, Stable Owner, Miner, Lumberjack, Casino Worker, Newspaper, Real Estate, Gold Panning, Fisherman, Hunter, Farmer, Construction, Stage Coach Delivery and Postal Delivery.

  • Activities: Hunting, fishing, gold panning, ranching, treasure hunting, quests, poker/blackjack, card collecting, animal studies, dogs, grave robbing, hot air balloons and many more.

Come explore the old west and build the population with us!