Dedicated Five Reborn server hosting?

Hello everyone!
I’ve been trying to research for awhile now with minimal luck. Where are these dedicated servers coming from? I’m very interested in renting one for a clan we would like to move onto Five Reborn but we need a dedicated server. If anyone knows of any PLEASE let me know! Thank you!

People are most likely hosting them off of VPS’ (Virtual Private Servers), don’t think you can just buy an individual FiveReborn server.

@LapizTJ Is it possible to host off of a dedicated server? Because someone claimed their clan had a dedicated server so players could play whenever.

@iRoyaltiez Well yes, a VPS is considered a dedicated server. So either you’d have to find somebody with one that’d let you use it, or buy one yourself from some website.

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Since this has nothing to do with FiveReborn itself.

@LapizTJ awesome thanks a lot I think you solved this for me. Im on the hunt for a VPS provider that I can rent that will allow me to host from!

@iRoyaltiez It will cost u, 20 Euro. About +/- 20$, atleast in my Country i rent it for 20 Euro in month. If u are interested about it add me on skype, i will give u the hosting company owner skype and u can discuss with him about it. Skype: up-marex

@Oxigent will do, I’ll add you tonight!

I also have a friend who now offers support for a dedicated Five Reborn server.
Email me, and I can provide his details to you. Cheers!

@LapizTJ A VPS is not a Dedi- I would suggest looking at the differences between the two, here is a TLDR run down version; Virtual private servers are different from dedicated servers in that instead of running one hosting account on one computer/server, virtual private servers share a single server. This may cause one to wonder what the difference is between a VPS solution and a shared web host. Do not take this as being rude, I am just making sure you get your facts right before someone points you out and is rude about it.

@iRoyaltiez said in Dedicated Five Reborn server hosting?:

@Oxigent will do, I’ll add you tonight!

Don’t buy from him, it’s a damn waste of your money. For 3 euros at OVH you can already host a 32 player server.

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@kanersps Or Inmotion which I find better.

@kanersps Thanks, i will rent there.

@Ace Well OVH is fully self-managed which isn’t the best for everyone.


If I was you I would just buy a linux vps for like 10$ and get a quad core and 4gbs of ram then you can host multiple things like mysql for saving and shit, you can find a cheap vps with a google search…

Oxigent sounds like a scam and he is just going to make a easy 20$ from people that don’t know what there doing and most likely will steal your script files… Best of luck, pm me if you need any help with setup but its fairly easy just install mono and your good to go…

When renting a VPS make sure you’re allowed to run game servers, and any other servers (like teamspeak). Check their Terms of Service before renting or submit a ticket, they’ll let you know. Don’t need to get your services suspended!

You want something like this dude…

@kanersps @yarrum3 @trippin7464 Thank you everyone for the help and replies. I got in contact with a friend of mine who knows about these things and helped me set up my VPS and all. Thanks again for help!

@kanersps Hosting a 32 player server for only €3,00? Are we looking at the same OVH?

@afterburn said in Dedicated Five Reborn server hosting?:

@kanersps Hosting a 32 player server for only €3,00? Are we looking at the same OVH?