Dead server/Admin run server

Says i never played but i have few months in the server, spent over 600 on the server and it gave back nothing. They added a radio script in the last 6 months… Thats it. Their is plenty of people who have “donated” hella money and they got nothing in return (other than a car from gta mods, ehich takes 5 minutes and a restart to add). The people are not so bad, just dont expect to “RP” as its never “RP”. The staff all make up their own rules as they go. The staff bad mouth each other behind each others mouth and then when together they are buddy buddy.

As for the server performance, Its horrible. Drive through legion over 30 MpH and you going on a trip to the underworld. The server crashes when over 40 people try and play at a time. Admins always seem to have money and guns without even working at all. Druf locos are found within an hour of playing and the people finding them are “friends” with the admins so thats a bit dodgy. Cars have texture glitches and admins take forever to try and fix it.

Community problems. Anyone tries taking you hostage its “Ive called an admin” admin sit happens everyone shouts and cries that they lost 20k and a gun, then both parties leave and meet again 10 minutes later and same thing happens. Money is terrible in the server, you can sell a 1 of 1 car (£25) and sell it for 7 million (max, but always sells for max price).
Police have a problem with learning to speak when they stop people, and when they do they always have a gun out ready to shoot. (thats what the UK is like).

90% of the server cars go 250 with ease. Police cars go 180… never seen a skoda go 180… The acceleration on most cars is 0-100 within 2 seconds, and getting these cars are easy.

A points for the police side.
When police try to do a normal stop, the person is 99.99% of the time gonna just fly off in their volvo, 02 plate at 250 down the m26 singing some shit uk drill.

On the discord, if you ever try and make a point in maybe changing something to make the server good, you get bad mouthed and then kicked from the discord, resulting in a ban down the line. You’re never able to make a bad valid point on the server because they delete it and then ban you.

Last point is that if you wish to join this server, be prepared to have multipule headaches and admin sits (MID RP), argue with all admins and debate about OOC stuff at legion for hours with admins present but then randomly an admin will go move from legion.

So if this is for you, go ahead and lose your life.

Little tip… dont donate… nothing will change and scripts that will get added will be broken for days before they even work.


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