CycleSpectator [Spectate players in a cycle using keybinds] (WORKS WITH ONESYNC INFINITY)


CycleSpectator is a FiveM script that enhances the spectator mode functionality, allowing users to cycle through players or spectate specific players with ease.



  • Cycle Spectate: Enter a spectator mode that automatically cycles through all players, providing an overview of the game environment.

  • Individual Spectate: Spectate a specific player by providing their ID, focusing your view on their actions.


  • /spectate: Enter cycle spectator mode. (Permission: CycleSpectator.Commands.Spectate)

  • /spectate <id>: Spectate a specific player by providing their ID. (Permission: CycleSpectator.Commands.Spectate.Individual)


  1. Download the CycleSpectator script files.

  2. Place the script files in your FiveM server’s resources folder.

  3. Add start CycleSpectator to your server.cfg file to ensure the script loads when the server starts.


  1. Join the FiveM server.

  2. Use the /spectate command to enter cycle spectator mode and observe the gameplay from various perspectives.

  3. If you wish to spectate a specific player, use the /spectate <id> command followed by the player’s ID to focus on their actions.


  • CycleSpectator.Commands.Spectate: Allows users to enter cycle spectator mode.

  • CycleSpectator.Commands.Spectate.Individual: Allows users to spectate specific players by providing their ID.


  • Ensure that the required permissions are correctly assigned to users or user groups to access the spectator commands.

  • It’s recommended to configure permissions according to your server’s needs and policies.

Enjoy enhanced spectating capabilities with CycleSpectator and elevate your FiveM server experience!

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 300
Requirements None
Support Yes

$15 to use basic GTA natives is crazy.


This is not actually using basic GTA natives. There is a bit of complexity when it comes to OneSync infinity in which natives will not work properly on players out of range. In order to fix this, you need to do a bit of trickery by using both the client and server side to communicate with each other for each spectate request. I thought the price was $12.50 so I may have messed up when I set it up. Fixing that now though. I would do $10, but then it’s not really $10 because of fees… :confused:

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