Hi , i make mini stream for custom Blips on the map…Its very easy and simple…Its free !..
ENG language:

1)Open OPENIV and extract the file (blips_texturesheet_ng_2) from the minimap.ytd file and edit it

2)Don’t forget to save the file as .dds and in the transparent state so that the background is transparent

3)I also attach a .psd from photoshop so you know how to do it correctly !!!

4)after editing and importing the file, it is enough to start the whole file and restart the server to load it

5)in server.cfg add a line (start customBlips)

Translated with (free version)

PS : Credit goes to Joker#0952, do not sell the script as your product !!!

Made by Joker#0952

Download link :

Have a great day :slight_smile:



Where do you decide what coordinates the custom blips appear at?

you exchange only the image in the order of the vanilla blip,so the order you exchange then at the same time you call

558 - Unicorn 559 - LSPD 560 - TAXI 561 - EMS 562 - irishpub 563 - wine bar custom 564 - hotdog 565 - brewery

these are the blips I have finished and you can see what number they have been replaced with

thank you so much

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Great work with this script

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Thank you :heart:

No problem you work is awesome !!

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