Custom wheel packs

can you install wheel packs to replace the rims in the game if so how i put the ydr files in my server list and its not working

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I think its not supported on the client side. There is a tutorial to get it to work on the client side.

Not sure if this is supported yet? What’s the filepath you use for streaming and show the contents of your citmp-server.yml.

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ListenPort: 30120

- mapmanager

- fivem
- chat
- spawnmanager
- fivem-map-skater
- baseevents
- carmods

RconPassword: REDACTED

Hostname: DonksRUs

Game: GTA5


ScriptDebug: true

DebugLog: true

Announce: true

enjoy viiv


- ConfigURL:

the following is an example for resource download offloading




UploadURL: ftp://citizen:city@localhost/

DisableAuth: true # Keep this off to avoid terminal bullshit
DisableScriptHook: false

Removed your rcon password from the post.

I have them server side.
I made a folder resource/vehmods/stream/wheels_mods/ and put al the wheels in here :slight_smile:

Put the wheels in separately.

thank you it works

@highlyrated252 glad i could help :slight_smile:

[details=Orig Post]Sorry for reviving an old post, I was also looking into it and although the rim/wheel models are being streamed I cannot find a way to stream the vehshare.ytd (Textures)

I have tried a few different ways, with the models and in a folder named vehshare. So I guess I’m asking are your models using individual .ytd’s or a shared library?[/details]

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot about the texture lib filesize cap.

can you give an example i still have issues getting textures to load proper
uising these

and these

hey there, the wheels work but all of the textures dont. the wheels and tires are all like chrome etc. i have them server side under resources>vehmods>stream>wheels_mods but i dont know how to install the textures

Have you by any chance found a way to get the textures to work?

Did you try putting them in your stream folder?

how do we check the status of a pc order