Custom loadingscreen [FREE]

Hello iam releasing my first own coded loadingscreen hope you enjoy

:gear: How to Install

  • Download the loadingscreen Download and drop in your “resources” folder
  • Add to your server.cfg, the following line: ensure cace_loading or start cace_loading
  • Just start your server and have fun
  • everything changeable in the index.php

Preview Video: Video



Nice release buddy. Looks clean! Keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow :scream::scream:

Very Nice release!!!

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Works great great man, but I can’t seem to get the music to play. I am not sure that matters all that much, but it is driving me crazy trying to figure out why it isn’t working. Plays fine if I load the index file in a browser, but nothing but silence when loading into the server. I haven’t changed anything other than some text and the background image.

Having same issue as you. Everything else works great though!

I cant load in when using it its stuck on loading for ever

Any Errors in Console?