Custom EUP - clothes loads but does not show in FiveM Clothes store

Hi all,
I hope someone can give me a hint here as I have been trying everything.


  1. FiveM server running fine with all ressources loading properly
  2. eup-stream ressource loads successfully upon server start with no errors
  3. I have patreon license key, and its linked successfully to the right email/forums account
  4. All Streams are placed correctly under eup-stream - sub folders, with filenames correctly named as xxxx^fffff…xxx

I want to be able to load the uniforms/clothes when entering the clothes shop - for all other server admins with same files, it works. But for some reason these custom EUPs are not visible when skipping through shirts etc.

  1. No NativeUI og EUP-UI is loaded, as it should not be necessary.

What could be the issue here? Is it a build issue, I am running latest recommended.

Thanks in advance for any pointers :slight_smile:


bump +1 me too trying paid for license but clothes not set on server


Did you clear the server cache? With eup I always delete the whole “cache” folder after changing my EUP or uploading new stuff

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You got to connect your patreon to Key Master. After you gotta make a new Key and put it on your server License key.

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you just saved my problems thank you!

Do you actually need to do the new key?

When you become a patreon member you will have to enter your new keymaster code.

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