Creating ChinaTown / Asian Town for fivem

Hi guys, i’m actually creating a small chinese/asian village for Fivem servers. This could help for for your yakuza or triad projects. It also contains a metro.
Do not hesitate to give me your opinion and your suggestions !
Images :


Looks great! Keep up the good work.

Thx, we started with the residentially part, with houses and mlos

Would love to see more of what it looks like! Is that possible? A separate island MLO would be insane.

yes of course, do you have discord or something?

I do! How would I get in contact with you? Mine gets flooded so it’ll be better for me to contact you. :slight_smile:

would love to get in contact with you about a yakuza gang MLO if you have any or would be open to making one.

i will send you a private message

For this place, players will fall, can you discuss this issue with me

it’s amazing !

This is a fantastic art work!! You done a great job by sharing this!

thank you !!

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