CreatePedInsideVehicle not working for me

Hello Community,

I tried to script a simple mission who i need a AI Vehicle with Peds.
But when I try to make the peds - it only returns 0 als handle and the peds never exist.
Are existing some requirements to spawn these?

For the Vehicle I use the ESX Spawn Code:

createVehicle = function(model, coords, heading, cb)

  if type(model) == 'string' then
    model = GetHashKey(model)
  end, function()

		RequestCollisionAtCoord(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z)

		local vehicle   = CreateVehicle(model, coords.x, coords.y, coords.z, heading, true, false)
		local networkId = NetworkGetNetworkIdFromEntity(vehicle)
		local timeout   = 0

		SetNetworkIdCanMigrate(networkId, true)
		SetEntityAsMissionEntity(vehicle, true, false)
		SetVehicleHasBeenOwnedByPlayer(vehicle, true)
		SetVehicleNeedsToBeHotwired(vehicle, false)
		SetVehRadioStation(vehicle, 'OFF')

		if cb ~= nil then


So my code:

truck = createVehicle('stockade', -3.936, -709.842, 31.942, 336.8, true, false)


SetVehicleDoorsLocked(truck , 7)
ped1 = CreatePedInsideVehicle(truck, 4, GetHashKey("s_m_m_armoured_01"), -1, true, false)
ped2 = CreatePedInsideVehicle(truck, 4, GetHashKey("s_m_m_armoured_01"), 0, true, false)

print(ped1) -- always 0
SetEntityAsMissionEntity(ped1, 0, 0)
SetEntityAsMissionEntity(ped2, 0, 0)

TruckBlip = AddBlipForEntity(thisMoneyTruck)
SetBlipColour(TruckBlip, 11)

After that i use a TaskVehicleDriveToCoordLongrange - but the vehicle doesn’t drive to.
The Code is executing without errors…

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You aren’t loading the Ped model

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Oh - big mistake - thank you :slight_smile:

And is the TaskVehicleDriveToCoordLongrange only works when peds inside?

Probably yes