Crashing in certain location / area

I just want to ask in general:

Before I decided to post this, I have looked through every forum about crashing in a certain location, done all: delete, clear, reinstall, removing mlos, changing game build and even talking to multiple devs about their mlo (only thing they told me was the game build and currently still waiting for their response) etc.

I can’t think what else can be the cause of crashing.
Obviously, everyone that I’ve seen has different errors. However it just seems random…

:fast_forward: 1st Crash Site: Crashes at the same spot. Happened after changing game build from 2699 to 2545 and been persistent since then (and even changing it back to 2699)
Only 1 mlo in that location.

:fast_forward: 2nd Crash Site: Random and 50/50 chance if it’ll crash at the same location or driving through the area it’ll crash within 30 seconds.
5 mlo in that location.

I’m still doing some testing and update if I find any solution in case if there is other players that comes across similar issues.

In the meantime, if you do come across this and know or have inputs, I’d greatly appreciate it!!

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