Crash when spawning certain cars

GTA V Version: 1.0.944.2
Updated to the most current version
Real copy
Windows 10 Version 1607 Build 14393.693
No error appears. It simply closes and goes to the generic “stopped working” dialogue
GTA V Directory Screenshot:

Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks Directory Screenshot:

Filepath to FiveReborn: E:\Users*username*\Desktop\Five Reborn
FiveReborn Directory Screenshot:

.dmp file:

So what happens is, when I try to spawn certain addon cars in game with Enhanced Reborn, for example 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B-STi Series I [Add-On / Replace | Tuning] - , My game will instantly freeze, and then close seconds later with a generic ‘stopped working’ error. I checked to see if the textures were too high res, but when I resized them, it did not solve the problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Also, some cars I add do not show their modifications as options. They simply aren’t there to select on my menu, but they are all installed using the same method.

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If you crash when spawning a car then there is an issue with that cars files.

It happens with three cars and they are all popular, so if they had issues, they would probably fix it. I’ve redownloaded and reinstalled them a few times, but it didn’t help.

Something you are doing wrong then, post a screenshot of the folders they are in and the parent folder as well as your auto start resources.

I’ll do you one better. Here is a zip file with the resource folder and the citmpserver.yml file. The current car in the resource that causes issues is the jzx100. Spawning it and pressing F to get in it will crash your client.

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did you fix somehow? :confused: