Crash marking on Map (Server REDM)

Server artifact version: 5816

Expected behavior: Not crashing marking on map

Current behavior: Crashing when marking on map

Error screenshot:

.dmp/crash files: 44e9f0c4-12c8-4a21-940c-9fd6520907c7.dmp (9.5 MB)
44e9f0c4-12c8-4a21-940c-9fd6520907c7.dmp.gamelog (12.6 KB)

Files/Code to reproduce bug: -------

Extra information: It´s happening to everyone. Just happens through time, approximately every two hours. Just before the error, players can notice alert blips in the map are not working, and they can´t add markers (nothing happens). Then, when they mark a route in the map (Double click): Crash.

Hey, I’m afraid it is almost impossible to analyze such crashes without viable reproduction steps. However, during analyzing how much servers are affected, I found out that it looks like a niche issue. Mostly only 3 servers are affected by this crash, 80% from all servers that had players crashed with this issue, from overall of around ~16 servers including those 3. I found out that those servers have a lot of shared resources between each other. So it is most likely this comes from some kind of a scripting issue. Sadly as I said it’s hard to analyze, but I believe it can be caused by pool overflow (i.e. too much blips are created) or some messing with blips (including waypoint one).

hello! so we’re having this issue on our server, and literally just when we double click to mark on the map the game will just crash to desktop with an error. There is no other steps I can tell you, it’s happened to about 75% of our testers at least once per time on server. Once you crash your fine for a little while, the crash codes are random as mine was Game crashed: RDR2_b1491.exe!sub_141ABFFEC (0x0) (didn’t grab a picture of the error but our console saves it) and I can’t find anything on it.

Do you know possibly what scripts could be causing it so we can look into it?

If this reproduces so easily, you can simply disable resources one-by-one and test.

Are you using PS_Society?

I do not believe we do, we run mostly Gum’s scripts with minimal VORP and others.

Well, I figured out the problem on my end was a script was updating blips as it ticked. So we ended up with gunshops showing 74 blips stacked on themselves. So look at your map index when in the server and see what blips are duplicating, that script would be your culprit and you would need to turn off blips for it

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except the above answer from Zer0Dark anyone else figured out other things that could trigger the server crash?

The only thing leading to the crash is overflowing.

It would be nice if someone would be able to find a repro for this crash so I could fix it right in RedM. Can you share what your resource exactly did to cause it @Zer0Dark?

Create let’s say 1000 unique blips and then open the map and double click ( to create a waypoint ). In the moment that you press the double click, you get the crash.

Here you go @Disquse


Code :

RegisterCommand("reproblips", function()
    for i = 1, 1000 do
        local blip = N_0x554d9d53f696d002(1664425300, 0, 0, 0)
        SetBlipSprite(blip, -2090472724, 1)
        SetBlipScale(blip, 0.8)
        Citizen.InvokeNative(0x9CB1A1623062F402, blip, 'test')

Use /reproblips and then open the map and doubleclick anywhere.

It seems like adding a new blip overflowing it’s not a problem, it crashes only when you try to create a waypoint through the map.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will take a look.