Crash marking on Map (Server REDM)

Server artifact version: 5816

Expected behavior: Not crashing marking on map

Current behavior: Crashing when marking on map

Error screenshot:

.dmp/crash files: 44e9f0c4-12c8-4a21-940c-9fd6520907c7.dmp (9.5 MB)
44e9f0c4-12c8-4a21-940c-9fd6520907c7.dmp.gamelog (12.6 KB)

Files/Code to reproduce bug: -------

Extra information: It´s happening to everyone. Just happens through time, approximately every two hours. Just before the error, players can notice alert blips in the map are not working, and they can´t add markers (nothing happens). Then, when they mark a route in the map (Double click): Crash.

Hey, I’m afraid it is almost impossible to analyze such crashes without viable reproduction steps. However, during analyzing how much servers are affected, I found out that it looks like a niche issue. Mostly only 3 servers are affected by this crash, 80% from all servers that had players crashed with this issue, from overall of around ~16 servers including those 3. I found out that those servers have a lot of shared resources between each other. So it is most likely this comes from some kind of a scripting issue. Sadly as I said it’s hard to analyze, but I believe it can be caused by pool overflow (i.e. too much blips are created) or some messing with blips (including waypoint one).